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Atomic Changes – Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

Delishaa Mohsin September 19, 2021

Atomic Habits is an awesome book about how to build good habits easily and how to achieve your goals through habits. These habits are like atoms (hence the name ATOMic Habits) because they build up to one huge result.  This book is about how to build good habits simply and how to achieve your awesome goals through teeny tiny habits.

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Emotional Intelligent

Emotional Intelligence interview with Ammar Farishta

Delishaa Mohsin February 17, 2021

What is Emotional intelligence and why is it so important? Listen!! Emotional intelligence is key and even if you don’t know* what it is you are most probably still doing it to others! *You will learn in this episode what it is don’t worry! Re-wire your brain to work with emotional intelligence! Once you have learnt what it is train your brain! Become an expert!

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How to face DEMENTORS

Delishaa Mohsin February 16, 2021

What are dementors and how are we supposed to face them? We all have off days. Sad days. But sometimes we don’t know how to face them. Thank you Jk Rowling for helping me understand this concept and helping me share this with the Bright crew! Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time if only one remembers to turn on the light – albus dumbledoor when dementors attacked hogwarts We do not need magic to change the world we carry all the power in ourselves already – JK ROWLING

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