Should we ban homework?

Right now I have been getting SO much homework! And I have started to think…  what’s the point?? It’s so stupid and pointless! We already have enough to learn at school! It’s so boring, stressful and it’s so hard to stay organised! But… it’s also a realllly good brain booster and teaches you a lot […]

Atomic Changes – Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

Atomic Habits is an awesome book about how to build good habits easily and how to achieve your goals through habits. These habits are like atoms (hence the name ATOMic Habits) because they build up to one huge result.  This book is about how to build good habits simply and how to achieve your awesome […]

The view of a trampoline!

Boing! Listen to my episode about how a trampoline feels! (An awesome story by your host Delishaa) Have you ever jumped on a trampoline? If so here in my POV of what the trampoline feels when you jump on it!

What is hijab?

Listen to this episode where we talk about the traditional Muslim headscarf: hijab. You may have seen me wear this and wonder ‘why?’ find out now! Hijab is my crowning glory and I am proud to wear it!!!!!

How success is like hot-chocolate

Listen to the reason I think being successful is like drinking hot chocolate!  Success is a great feeling after something great you have achieved! And I am pretty sure you will achieve great things, Bright Crew!

Why am I a Pescatarian?

What is a pescatarian and why am I one? Well listen to this episode!! My favourite food is Sushi 🍣 and also I have been a pescatarian for at least 1-2 years and started when I was 8!

Tips and tricks for a happy life

Rules for a successful and happy life! ❤️ Listen!! It’s impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case you fail by default. – JK ROWLING Live life to the fullest and make sure sure you listen to […]

Emotional Intelligence interview with Ammar Farishta

What is Emotional intelligence and why is it so important? Listen!! Emotional intelligence is key and even if you don’t know* what it is you are most probably still doing it to others! *You will learn in this episode what it is don’t worry! Re-wire your brain to work with emotional intelligence! Once you have […]